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The beauty by L'Occitane

Today beauty is changing and we are doing everything we can to adapt. For us, 86Champs is a new way to approach cosmetics.

A decidedly daring collection :

L' Occitane & Pierre Hermé

With these new exclusive creations, the two brands continue to create connections that bridge their respective worlds.

For L’Occitane, as for Pierre Hermé, fragrance is above all about pleasure. There is something magical about the moment you apply it. You breathe in. You feel good, happy. And for as long as that scent lingers on your skin, that feeling lingers with you. You can even share it with others...

L'Occitane and Pierre Hermé wanted everyone to find their perfect scent – so it made perfect sense to create a collection of eight Eaux de Parfum with very different characters.


Collection Intense - Eaux de parfum

The 86 Champs Eaux de Parfum Intense Collection represents the coming together of L’OCCITANE & PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS, two brands with a shared passion for creativity.

Pierre Hermé, passionate about fragrances and sensations, has expanded this new range of perfumes with three unexpected combinations. His imagination takes us on a journey to the warm lands of the East.


Elegant notes

An intense and refined perfume, marrying the strength of musk with delicate and tantalising notes of rose. An enigmatic fragrance which transports you to the East through irresistibly woody and spicy notes of saffron.

A mysterious trail

The intensity of oud wood is enveloped in roasted, spicy notes, giving it a mysterious and captivating character. These warm notes are married with hints of praline to soothe you with a comforting sweetness. This sublime harmony accented by a light scent of ginger, cardamom and coriander takes you on a sensory journey through the Orient.

An enticing fragrance

Between shade and light, enveloping notes of amber and cashmere wood mingle with the lemony freshness of coriander. An invigorating cocoon, the sweet hints of almond and saffron enchant the senses and carry you away to the East.

The Gardens

Fed by a central watering point, each garden presents a fetish ingredient in a new light.

New Rituals

At the heart of the concept store, personalisation is a centrepiece.

The customer is invited to engrave the product of his choice, giving him a visible signature and an memorable memory of his visit.

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