A decidedly daring collection L' Occitane & Pierre Hermé


With these new exclusive creations, the two brands continue to create connections that bridge their respective worlds.

For L’Occitane, as for Pierre Hermé, fragrance is above all about pleasure. There is something magical about the moment you apply it. You breathe in. You feel good, happy. And for as long as that scent lingers on your skin, that feeling lingers with you. You can even share it with others...

L'Occitane and Pierre Hermé wanted everyone to find their perfect scent – so it made perfect sense to create a collection of eight Eaux de Parfum with very different characters.

There is the intoxicating sparkle of Blackcurrant Rhubarb,the captivating elegance of Rose Saffron... a unique olfactory signature made out of the very finest ingredients.


The Exclusives of 86 Champs

Pure joy

Inspired by a passion fruit juice, this fragrance expresses the zesty note that transforms when the fruit is heated. It becomes deep and intense, revealing accents of crushed cocoa beans.

Notes of the Mediterranean

The fig tree never ceases to fascinate, it bears fruits that are bursting with flavour.The scent of fig tree reveals its dry, woody strength, elegantly balanced by Rosa Centifolia from Grasse to heighten notes inspired by the magnificent fig.

Bottle of 90ml : 100 euros


Our News

Afterwork Evenings and Terrace Season is open!

For the summer season, the 86Champs launches its afterwork evenings and inaugurates a superb counter-terrace to take advantage of the beautiful, long days on the world’s most beautiful avenue.
On the menu, cocktails and tapas platters to share!

Opening hours:
Terrace (8:30am - 11:30pm)
Counter-terrace (10am - 11:30pm)
Afterworks (6pm - 11:30pm)

Enjoy a cocktail, a mini tapas and a macaron of your choice for 19€.